Viktor Sjöberg
& The Loft presents...

Bird By Snow (Pacific Grove, CA)
& Gabricello (Oakland, CA)
Sunday May 3, 2009
Regular $8 UCSD Student PAYC Doors 7:30 / Show 8:00

I was first introduced to the world of Bird by Snow in May of 2007. I was sitting on a piece of plastic patio furniture in a Swedish cave that occasionally doubles as an underground sex dungeon. Fletcher Tucker took the stage, introduced himself as Bird by Snow and proceeded to fill the dark cave with the curious form of Californian romanticism that I since have come to associate his work with.

Without getting too deep into references and namedropping I would say that his style – his song writing, production style and overall aesthetic – has roots dating back to the opening stanzas of Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass”. To me the musical output of Bird by Snow seem to be devoted to the investigation of everything that surrounds Fletcher Tucker, whether it’d be going for a beautiful walk through dark woods or breathing long and deep on a the top of a cliff.

Others described Bird by Snow as “trancendental beach-grunge” or “psychic mountain-dub” and while that might be partly true, I urge you to examine this for yourself. In the last couple of years Bird by Snow is one of the very few new artists that have really managed to wow me. I am eagerly awaiting his next step and I am very happy to be able to bring him to The Loft.

We will also get to experience the vocal/cello stylings of Gabricello who will open the night. It's going to be just great!

William Basinski (Los Angeles, CA)
& A Guide to Curious Swedish Specialties
Wednesday May 6, 2009
Regular $10 UCSD Student $5 ADV / PAYC Door Doors 7:30 / Show 8:00

Among other qualities, William Basinski possesses the rare ability to isolate and extend a carefully selected moment, thereby creating eternal beauty. I first learned about this don of patient melancholy in January 2004, when a dear friend introduced me to The Disintegration Loops, a series of four compact discs containing recordings of twenty year old tape loops slowly falling apart. William Basinski:

"In the process of archiving and digitizing analog tape loops from work I had done in 1982, I discovered some wonderful sweeping pastoral pieces I had forgotten about. Beautiful, lush cinematic truly American pastoral landscapes swept before my ears and eyes. Tied up in these melodies were my youth, my paradise lost, the American pastoral landscape, all dying gently, gracefully, beautifully. Life and death were being recorded here as a whole: death as simply a part of life: a cosmic change, a transformation."

William Basinski is an extremely important artist. His way of searching out the beauty that otherwise would go unnoticed is unparalleled. I owe him some of my most memorable listening experiences and I am very proud to present an opportunity for his work to be enjoyed.

In addition to the William Basinski performance, I will provide you with a guide to a curious Swedish music scene. That's going to be cool, too!

V. Sjöberg New Jazz Ensemble (Gothenburg, SE / San Diego, CA)
& Seesaw Ensemble (San Diego, CA)
Wednesday May 13, 2009
Regular $10;$15 Door UCSD Student $5 ADV / PAYC Door Doors 7:30 / Show 8:00

Since late 2004 I have been working with an ever changing group of musicians around my home country of Sweden. In 2005 I named this constellation the V. Sjöberg New Jazz Ensemble. In a conversation that I once had with Douglas Holmquist, one of the original members of the V. Sjöberg New Jazz Ensemble, he reflected on the fact that “free jazz” in the Ornette Coleman-sense was sort of followed by an implicit exclamation mark and that this exclamation mark seem to have evaporated as the phrase went from being a call to arms into being a description of something formulaic and institutionalized.

The reasons behind forming this group, the V. Sjöberg New Jazz Ensemble, and calling it a New Jazz Ensemble isn’t really about something as catchphrase-friendly as “bringing that exclamation mark back!” It is just a humble comment on the sad fact that a lot of the time the word jazz is very limiting, both in the mind of the consumer and from the point of view of the musician/producer. It shouldn’t have to be, you know?

Tonight we shall study the concept of freedom. Is it really all that free?

For this performance the New Jazz Ensemble will consist of players from the UCSD Music Department along with local jazz musicians. It’ll be great, I’m sure.

The Seesaw Ensemble describes their music as "improvised and executed with closed eyes and open heads". Within a just a few weeks, Seesaw and their extended musical family activities has had me convinced that they're playing some of the most passionate music in Southern California. Do not sleep.

V. Sjöberg New Jazz Ensemble

Seesaw Ensemble

Jens Lekman (Gothenburg, SE)
& Tig Notaro (Jackson, MS)
Wednesday May 6, 2009
Regular $15 UCSD Student $5 ADV / PAYC Door Doors 7:30 / Show 8:00

Back in the early summer days of 2003 I read a remarkably well written text that made me type the words "Rocky Dennis" into a text entry box. This action resulted in me downloading four songs that at the time were considered to be the work of Rocky Dennis, a mysterious character living somewhere in my hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden.

I went and saw Rocky Dennis perform live about a month later and was intrigued by his stage presence, his voice and how well his effective use of samples worked in a live context. The seemingly rehearsed crowd heckling completed the overall feeling; I was witnessing something truly special.

The months passed and I learned that the character of Rocky Dennis never really existed. This music was created by Jens Lekman. He quickly rose to fame and but even as his albums made the charts he continued to release severely limited editions and seemed to be working overtime to maintain that special feeling that was so crucial to the magic of his initial endeavors.

I started corresponding with Jens by ordering his first self released seven inch single. It arrived wrapped in cut up banana boxes. In early 2007 we played our first show together and I have since then been traveling the world as a part of the Jens Lekman experience. I still stand by my five year old statement that Jens Lekman is the greatest pop singer since Neil Tennant.

The Jens Lekman performance at The Loft is the logical final installment of a series that celebrates artists that possess the rare ability to capture and express the beauty of everyday life.

Also, comedian Tig Notaro will be there! She's funny!

Tickets: 858.534.TIXS

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